How do I care for my uPVC windows?

Have you just purchased replacement uPVC windows for your Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire home and are wondering how you can keep them looking as good as the day you got them?

Our uPVC windows are low-maintenance and easy to clean but they will eventually start to build up dirt over time from exposure to the outside elements. By reducing the build-up of dirt, you can protect yourself from a lot of problems further down the line and save yourself money and energy efficiency in the process!

We have created a free guide full of our best tips and trade secrets so that you can keep your new windows looking their absolute best for many years to come.

How do I clean my uPVC Windows?

To avoid any discolouration or damage to your new windows, a regular wash with some warm soapy water is the best thing you can do to keep your white uPVC windows looking their best.

We recommend opening your window as far as you can and removing any dirt that has built up throughout the window frame, hinge and opening mechanism. You can use a vaccume with a soft brush nozzle to get into the nooks and crannies of your window.

Use a bucket of warm soapy water (you can use washing-up liquid) and a sponge cloth to wipe down the excess dirt from your windows. We recommend against using a scouring pad as this can scratch your uPVC window. Finish by removing excess water and drying with a clean cloth, t-shirt or kitchen roll.

Can I use bleach on my uPVC windows?

DON’T use bleach to clean your uPVC window frames or sills as this will damage the surface of the window and it can permanently discolour and cause it to peel.

This is particularly the case with liquids, sprays and chemicals.

Any type of chemical, spray or liquid that isn’t made for the job could cause a reaction and damage your new windows leaving them dull, matt or yellow. This isn’t what you want!

How can I make my uPVC windows white again?

So if you can’t use bleach, how can you make your windows white again?

If the frames have become discoloured and soap and water aren’t doing the trick, we recommend this magic trick with vinegar!

  • Mix 1 cup/250ML vinegar to 4/1L cups hot water
  • Use a spray bottle to spray on the uPVC
  • Leave this for 10 minutes
  • Use a clean dry cloth to wipe down

Things to avoid when cleaning your uPVC windows, frames and sills:

With the tips outlined above you will have your windows sparkling and looking their best for many years to come. We have compiled a short list of things you should AVOID using to clean your windows

  • Glass cleaner on the frames
  • Bleach, rubbing alcohol, white spirits or WD40
  • Cream cleaners such as Cif can be too harsh for uPVC
  • Steel wool or scouring pads
  • Nail varnish remover

Final thoughts

Due to our low maintenance uPVC profiles are perfect for a ‘fit and forget’ experience. For the most part, you will never need to do anything crazy when cleaning your windows. All you need is some soap and water and you are good to go.

Resist the temptation to use anything harsh or abrasive on your uPVC windows and your windows will be sure to look as good as the day you got them for many years to come.

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