2023 Home Improvement Trends

As the year starts drawing to a close, our customers have been asking us what our 2023 double glazing home improvement predictions are. At the start of 2022 we saw the rise of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire homeowners embracing a country living or ‘Cottagecore’ theme. From the second quarter of the year, with energy bills on the rise, we have seen a rapid increase in enquiries for full-house windows and doors replacements as we are all working to future-proof our homes.

Over the past year, we have returned to a sense of normality but many of us continue working from home or in a hybrid setting. A good portion of our time is spent in our homes both for working and for leisure. Double glazing such as a new conservatory offers convenient options to separate these spaces and achieve a better work/life balance.

Let’s take a look at our predictions to give you inspiration and get you a step ahead for your next home project:

1. Investment in ultra energy efficient windows

We are expecting to continue seeing homeowners investing in energy efficiency. With rapidly increasing high energy prices, savings are estimated as much as £1,400 per year. Payback times on new windows and doors have therefore reduced, too. Today you can expect your new windows and doors to pay for themselves in five to 10 years.

New double glazing means an investment in your home and at the same time, you will enhance its’ appearance and security, and lower your carbon footprint. Saving you money on monthly bills.  

PVCu Casement Window with Georgian Bar, Chartwell Green

Our PVCu and aluminium windows are offered in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes including flush-casement windows that are rapidly increasing in popularity. This allows full control over creating your perfect home. Not only do our window designs look stunning but their insulating and energy-efficient features mean you will save money on your heating bills and keep your home safe and secure all year round.

2. Statement colours

Neutral and traditional colours will remain a popular choice for both windows and doors going into 2023. However, we are expecting to see a rise in bold statement colours specifically on doors. A front door is one of the first things people look at when visiting your home. Homeowners are becoming more daring and bolder with colours as they take the opportunity to make a statement about their homes.

Bold colour combinations can be a great way to show individuality and personality in a property. Pairing these daring colours with neural windows can make your home look stunning and pop! Anthracite grey remains a popular choice for windows as its soft, natural hue compliments a variety of colours.

We’re expecting to see a lot of warm reds, bold yellows, and ocean blues in doors. As well as earthy-toned browns and greens helping to create that Cottagecore feeling to your rural property.  

Adding an extra touch of personality to your home will set the tone you want for visitors entering your home. Making guests feel right at home the moment they arrive.

3. Extending your living spaces

With many people working from home or hybrid, more and more customers are wanting a separate office space. Extending your current home is more affordable than moving property for a larger space. One of the best ways to add space to your property is by adding a conservatory or updating your existing one.

Our conservatories have a wide range of roof options to choose from. This includes glass roofs consisting of modern technology allowing for greater temperature control in your conservatory. You’ll no longer be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Temperatures are ‘just right’.

Tired of glare from the sun or noise from the rain? Equinox tiled conservatory roofs are the ultimate option for your conservatory and also create a cohesive look for your property. The advanced roof system regulates the temperature inside your conservatory with market-leading thermal performance. If you properly insulate your conservatory you can see up to 90% less heat loss!

Korniche Roof Lantern Internal View

Korniche Roof lanterns are a great option for any home. These premium installations are the perfect way to bring in more light. Making your Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire home feel more luxurious. Not only do they look amazing, they increase your property value too. They are a remarkable long-term investment which adds volume height to the room.

Roof lanterns are popular with customers because of the way they transform your home. They are bespoke and can be tailored to any specifications for example size, style and glass.

4. Aluminium is trending

This year we are expecting to see more customers opting for aluminium. Aluminium can help to create sleek finishes with more glass and less frame. Bringing more natural light into the property. We work with market-leading suppliers who provide high-quality and durable aluminium with a life expectancy of 40-45 years.

Customers often choose black or anthracite grey when opting for aluminium. However, you can customise aluminium with any colour from the RAL colour chart. Matching your aluminium to the rest of the property, creating a perfect luxurious finish.

Aluminium Doors

5. More natural light to improve well-being

Our final trend prediction is all about light. The more light the better in 2023. With the increased cost of living and working from home, spending more time at home is inevitable. Natural light exposure encourages our body to produce Vitamin D. A key factor for improving sleep, mental health, and routine. Allowing us to focus more clearly and become more productive.

Aluminium Gable Windows and Sliding Doors

We have seen an increase in customers opting for large gable windows. This trend is expected to continue throughout 2023. Some other good ways to improve the amount of natural light coming into your home are conservatories, roof lanterns or a new set of French doors.

Where do I start with my home improvement project?

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