5 reasons to choose Equinox tiled conservatory roof

While a conservatory is a great way to extend and bring light into your Lincolnshire home, the fluctuating UK temperatures can make conservatories uncomfortable during the hot summer days and cold winter months. The Equinox® tiled conservatory roof system is a market-leading solution which gives homeowners add valuable added space without the high cost of building an extension.

1 Advance roof system with market-leading thermal performance

Our Equinox conservatory roof system includes 60mm PIR thermal insulation plus 12.5mm plasterboard which helps to regulate the temperature inside your conservatory, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. A properly insulated conservatory roof can help can save up to 90% of heat loss. In addition to this, you won’t experience glare from the sun or noise from the rain. Giving you an additional space that is filled with natural light and perfect for spending time with loved ones!

tiled roof conservatory with sky light

With energy bills skyrocketing, all of us have our eyes on our heating bills at the moment. Equinox achieves exceptional U-values as low as 0.15 W/mK, helping you keep the heat inside your conservatory and money in your wallet during the colder months.

2 An excellent sustainable choice 

Equinox warm roof solid tiled solution is also an excellent sustainable choice. Especially when paired with Envirotile, a precision manufactured recycled polymer tile system with excellent green credentials your roof will not only look great but has a reduced environmental impact. Envirotile is made in the UK from 75% recycled content and is GreenSpec endorsed. Weighing in at just 20% the weight of a standard concrete tile, Envirotile is the lightest roof tile available. The biggest, unbreakable roof tiles on the market that lock together in a revolutionary way and helps you future-proof your home.

3 Light up your world

If you do not wish to sacrifice natural light, add standard roof windows or glazed panels, of up to a meter in length, to your conservatory roof. This helps you maximise the natural light inside your home. The new glazed version is known as Equinox Vega, named after one of the brightest stars in the northern hemisphere. Vega is designed for the toughest of climates.

internal photograph of a conservatory with sky light

The surface area inside your Equinox roof will include downlights to provide your living space with ample light. There is also an option to add external downlights on your soffit surface. These can be specified with a twilight sensor, turning the lights on automatically as natural light fades.

4 Seamlessly integrates with your home 

A tiled roof option is a perfect choice for homeowners looking for seamless integration of their conservatory with their existing home. We offer a realistic slate effect finish or steel tile finish to help create a bespoke option tailored to your property. Our Equinox roofs are then internally finished with modern plasterboard or tongue and groove timber ceiling options. 

conservatory with tiled Equinox roof

5 Exceptional ventilation

Nobody likes a stuffy or damp conservatory, so ventilation is a very important factor when you are considering upgrading your conservatory roof. Equinox truly outperforms other warm roof systems on the market when it comes to ventilation. Aluminium rafters in the lightweight roof have been separated from the 18mm OSB timber deck to increase the air gap. This provides a clean flow of air through the roof system. The enhanced ventilation of our system allows the roof to breathe adequately reducing the risk of condensation building up.

How can I get in touch about an Equinox roof? 

An Equinox roof is a great, affordable way to give your existing conservatory a new lease of life and keep you comfortable year-round. If you would like to find out more, our friendly and experienced team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Contact them on 01522 541294 or click here today for your free no obligations quote. 

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