5 Ways To Maximise Natural Light in Your Home

A light, spacious sunny home gives a warm welcoming feel, makes your mind feel positive and helps you relax better. Whatever the size of your living space, you are probably feeling that you need to add more light to your rooms. Our houses have become one-stop-shops in the recent months, places where we work, teach our children, attend important ceremonies and communicate with our families and friends from around the country and around the world. Our homes need to replace a lot of the ‘feel-good’ emotions we had in going out and travelling. The good news is, there is a lot you can do to transform your home into your sanctuary.

Many homes suffer from dark dingy rooms which seem to be forever cast in shadow that in turn darkens your mood and reduces your energy levels. Sunlight has many proven health benefits such as increasing feelings of wellness and positivity. Read on for our top five tips on how to maximise the natural light in your property.

1. Clean windows and doors regularly

This sounds obvious, right? Clean, bright windows mean more natural light. You would be surprised how many people haven’t had their windows cleaned for years, especially in these hard-to-get-to places.

Most modern windows and doors and very easy to clean, the hardest part is to decide to do it! Be sure to avoid abrasive cleaners as they may alter the finish and stain the laminated surface. Warm soapy water and a sponge is all you will need.

How often you should clean your windows and doors will depend on a number of factors. If you live in close proximity to an industrial area, road or coastal area, your double glazing will need cleaning more frequently and at least every couple of months.

2. Install windows and doors with more glass

New or upgraded windows are an excellent way to maximise the natural light you can enjoy in your home. Modern PVCu and aluminium windows have very slim sightlines and will help bring in more natural light, even in the most difficult places.

There are many products for you to consider with some of the most popular being elegant and stylish aluminium bi-fold doors or stunning sliding patio doors, casement windows or traditional bow and bay windows.

3. Add a new conservatory

There is no better way to bring more light to your home than by adding a stunning new conservatory. A conservatory by its very nature is a room with vast expanses of glass which allow natural light to pour into your home, leaving you with the perfect place to relax and recharge your energy.

Lean-to Conservatories Lincoln Prices

Whether you prefer contemporary or traditional design, we offer many styles including Victorian, Edwardian, Gable-End, P-shaped or Lean-To, in both PVCu and aluminium materials. There is a misconception that conservatories are baking hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. This is simply not the case anymore. With new technology such as energy efficient windows and solar control conservatory roofs, you can now enjoy your conservatory extension all year round.

Add a lantern to your conservatory roof

Roof lanterns help create a gorgeous space in your home that is immersed with natural light. You will be amazed at the increase in light levels that can be achieved. With clean lines and the sleek looks, roof lanterns will add also volume and height to your room.

Roof lantern Lincolnshire

Our roof lanterns are suitable for a wide range of projects such as flat roofed extensions, orangeries, new builds, kitchen diners and garage conversions.

Use light interior decor

Well chosen interior decor can do wonders to make your home appear brighter and more spacious. Opt for shades of white and light pastels to help create the illusion of light and space. Use mirrors opposite to your windows to add extra dimension to your room. Enjoy the reflection of your outdoors inside your home, whether that’s your garden or the skyline.

Play with the light! By setting different types of light around a home, you can really brighten up the room, add height and make your home the perfect space for you to work, relax and entertain.

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