Breaking down myths about aluminium

Here at Jackson Windows, we have been manufacturing and installing high quality double glazing products for Lincolnshire homes for over 30 years. In recent years we have seen the rise in the popularity of aluminium, yet aluminium products are still subject to myths and incorrect assertions.

We want to help you make the right choice for your home by answering some of your frequently asked questions. In turn, ending the misconception that aluminium glazing products are only suitable for use in stark inner-city industrial and commercial buildings. Instead, sharing with you the performance and architectural beauty of our aluminium windowsconservatories and doors including this season’s most sought after products by homeowners – bifolds, modern patio doors and traditional french doors.

How will aluminium keep my house warm? 

Some homeowners assume that aluminium doors and windows are cold and draughty. However, thermal efficiency has developed considerably since the 1970s. Modern technology allows us to create draft proof, insulating products. Our products include a layer of uPVC inserted between two pieces of aluminium frame, referred to as a thermal break. As a result, this added layer of insulation helps to reduce the cost of your energy bills, with less heat escaping from your property.

What are the main benefits of using aluminium? 

Aside from being inherently durable and long-lasting aluminium comes with a range of benefits that may surprise you. Daniel Dickson, our Aluminium Design Manager, explains “We use aluminium in many modern applications with more glass and less frame.” We are able to do this because its strength permits thinner frames, therefore, creating windows with slim sightlines. As a result, you can bring in more light and gain more view of your beautiful outdoors.

“We use aluminium in many modern applications with more glass and less frame”

Daniel then went on to tell me about the possibility of using aluminium in heritage or listed properties. The slim sightlines mean that these windows are often approved by the council, even where restrictions are in place. Allowing you to keep the traditional aesthetic of your property with the benefits of modern, energy-efficient double glazing.

Our market-leading suppliers, ALuK, provide quality aluminium profile that is hard-wearing and resistant to corrosion which ensures our products have a long life expectancy. At Jackson Windows, we offer a 20-year guarantee on all our paint; you should not expect any peeling or flaking as with timber frames. In addition to this, our frames have a 10-year guarantee although, our customers will often enjoy their frames for at least twice as long as that.

What advantages does our manufacturing process bring?

We are a Lincoln-based local manufacturer. As such, we are able to source all our materials quickly, resulting in short lead times for our products and quicker inquiry to insulation times for you.

We use computer-based technology to calculate all the materials and components needed to ensure complete accuracy. After that, we construct them using our state-of-the-art machinery, before our experienced team hand-finish the details. We are completely in charge of the whole manufacturing process and that’s how we can create bespoke solution for you, every time, to the highest standard.

What design choices do I have?

Across all our ranges at Jackson Windows, we offer a wide variety of products, styles and configurations tailored to suit you and your property. You can choose any colour from the RAL colour chart for your product and we will create the perfect finish for you. This will help you match your new aluminium windows and doors to your property style and other double glazing products you may already have installed in your property.

How can I get a price for aluminium frames?

Jackson Windows has been helping customers create their perfect homes for over 25 years. We are FENSA registered and serve Newark, Sleaford, Grantham, Gainsborough, Horncastle or Lincolnshire area.

We are local, reliable and trusted, and have outstanding rating from our customers. You can read some of our customers testimonials online here.

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